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Default Re: Russian Blue breed is America's top cat - 2008

Originally Posted by Mr & Mrs Mondok View Post
Russian Blue breed is America's top cat - 2008

Mon Oct 20
NEW YORK – America's top cat is Russian — a Russian Blue, that is.

The 18-month-old from North Carolina won the Cat Fanciers' Association-Iams Championship at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night.

Named Runner, the feline was the first of his breed to nab the prize.

With a shiny, velvety gray coat and green eyes, Runner competed against hundreds of felines for the Best of the Best title.

The 12-pounder won 400 pounds of cat food — and a national appearance Monday morning on "Live with Regis and Kelly."

Further information :

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I think that what you are talking about is the CFA INTERNATIONAL Show which I don't think is calculated into the WORLD TOP 25 NW (National Winner List). And Let me explain why... Coz the INTERNATIONAL show is a huge event on the stand alone scoring... Coz not all cat that is competing around the world is coming. INT Show is just yearly event.... So I dont think it should be consider top cat. Unless you are talking about NW Top winner in Championship , Premiership, and Kitten. Maybe the Russian can get the NW but not yet final until APRIL on the scoring and as for now you can consider the cat is BEST IN SHOW for INT Show.... or BEst of the BEST in INT Show

Here are the link :
TOP 25 - CAT

TOP 25 Kitten

TOP 25 Premier Cat


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