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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by June View Post
I have a very interesting story to tell and please give me your opinion after reading my post.

Last nite my neigbhour's maid and daughters on the upper floor (I'm on 3rd floor,she's on 4th floor) came to my unit around 9pm.I let the kids playing with my cats while chit chating with the maid. The kids love cat and dog according to the maid. Sometimes,when I'm not around they will come to my unit and play with the stray kittens outside my apartment. The maid said their parents dislike cats and dogs.They said very dirty.

After 20 minutes their mother shouted from the upper floor calling them to come home. When they didn't come back after 4 or 5 minutes the mother came to my apartment and scolded the kids because they play with my cats.She scolded the maid saying "kamu orang melayu sangat suka itu kucing.suka kotor kotor punya barang.itu kucing sana berak,sini kencing.bikin kotor".They went home after that. Their daugthers is 6 and 9 yrs old.

This morning I saw the maid sweeping their walkway in front the apartment and I told her to mix my cat's pee with her employer's food/drinks.
sounds familiar jek senario nih hopefully jgn sampai jadik cam my neighbour nak upah org buang (nih melayu) nasib org indon tu xmo. lagi sorang (chinese) nak racun langsung..huhuhuhu..bile serempak with me..mula la kutuk itu ini..well dorang ade mulut, bb pun ade mulut. i just lecture them back. we r d ones with brains i told them, pastu lecture la pasal sunat menyunat..nowadays, nampak bb dorang lak avoid me
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