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Default Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Bro, I put litter box with litter sand outside. big they cannot complaint strays berak sana kencing sini anymore But I'm sure they will cook up some stories just to get rid of these strays.

Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
Now jokes aside and let us focus on something that we can do if poo/pee along the stairs and corridors is a problem ...

Yes, actually around concrete buildings there are very few places for the cats to ease themselves, to be truthful.

The poor things have very few places as toilets. So what my friends and I do is to put in several huge planter boxes and fill them up with sand/soil and place a few plants in them (not too much so that they do not cover all the soil and the cats cannot get to them). The plants camoflage their toilet.

We do scooping regularly.
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