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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by mrsdolittle View Post

As usual.... always off topic. Can we stay focus on the real topic here?

And Lynielime, your Mummy cat is still around and 2 kitties... you know where...

Well, is anybody out there into saving "TRAPPED ANIMALS?".
hehehe..kakak, jgn ler mare...look at it this way, kakak june, abe FK r also helping in their own way. at least for sure kocing2 yg bawah their watchful eyes dont masuk pintu SPCA..kurang crowded situ kan. ramai juga yg bb taw r doing d same..cume same like kakak june, dorang pun xcanang here n there. i believe every bits help, n with adenye forum like petfinder, hopefully akan bertambah ramai lagi yg do d same

Originally Posted by June View Post
Kak Anum trapped animal you mean trapped in SPCA or trapped kat rmh/apartment??

Don't worry kak anum,though I don't show or canang the whole PF, I do my own rescue work and put the cats for adoption.
kakak june, i have to salute u la..sampai terjun lobang lift! ..yg tu bb belum penah...setakat panjat bombong n terjun longkang ado laaa heheheh

abe FK!!! cepat melanjer kakak dolittle minum kupi, dia da mare kite merapu kat sini taw!
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