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Thumbs up HomeAPet Adoption Drive - Cats & Volunteers Wanted!

Hi Everyone,

PetFinder will be taking up a booth at the coming HomeAPet Cat Adoption Drive, organized by Petster Magazine:

Event: HomeAPet 2008 - It's Meow Time!
Venue: Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium
Date: July 11 - 13, 2008
Time: 10am - 10pm
Parking: Car Park B

This event is held in conjunction with Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium's 10th anniversary, with other activities like Fun Fair Carnival, Car Drift Competition, Car Sales Carnival and Sports & Games.

Cool Cats Wanted!
We intend to make available our booth to rescuers that wish to showcase their cats, where they can seek adopters on the spot. A crowd of 40,000 - 60,000 is expected over the 3 days, so this is a great opportunity for you to get your rescued cats adopted! Unfortunately this party is only exclusive to felines, so the canines would have to wait haha..

For rescuers that are interested in showcasing your cats, please reply to this post and let me know your date and time of availibility, and the number of cats you wish to bring there. The booth is only of limited size - 10ft x 10ft, we might not be able to accomodate all pets at the same time, so we'll need to work out some shift schedule once we finalize the participants.

Volunteers Wanted!
We will be distributing flyers at the event, as well as present catalogs of pets for adoption to visitors and taking down details of people requesting further information. We would like to find some volunteers to assist us on these tasks - the more people and reach we have, the more lives we can save!

For volunteers interested in helping out, please reply to this post and let me know your date and time of availability, so we can work out a proper shift schedule. I believe majority of the traffic will be during the weekends, so we'll need more people on those 2 days.

Here's who's attending from List will be updated. (Andy, I moved your list here so it's easier to see at first glance)

Andy Koh
Kim XiaoYu (afternoon & night, tentative)

Andy Koh
Sherrina K (Rescue2Rehome)
Cavey Yong & Friend (morning)
Kim XiaoYu (afternoon & night)
Khairul (afternoon, tentative)

Andy Koh
Sherrina K (Rescue2Rehome)
Carnea Lee (Rescue2Rehome)
Serene Pon (morning)
Kim XiaoYu (afternoon & night)
Khairul (afternoon)

Awaiting Confirmation
Ai Ney
Ezer (Well, I'll be going whenever I can... it'll be a mystery.)

Thank you once again for your generous volunteering for the HomeAPet Cat Adoption Drive. You can park at Car Park B at the stadium, which is nearest to our booth area.

Here are a set of guidelines and procedures for the event, please go through and let me know if you have any questions. A copy of this will also be emailed to the confirmed volunteers.
  • Please look for Andy at the PetFinder booth once you arrive. I'll give you your Exhibitor name tag (Yes, we made the tags! And it has your name printed on it, for those that have earlier confirmed). If you are unable to make it or have a change in timing, please give me a call.
  • We will be distributing brochures to people around the area. Note that we only have a limited amount of 2,000 brochures for the entire event, so if you see a family, just give them one brochure; or if a group of friends, then just randomly give to one or two people. Target families with children - those are good prospects for adopting pets.
  • As you give out the brochure, ask whether the person is interested in adopting pets, and give a simple and attractive explanation of our service (i.e., "Malaysia's largest online pet adoption service with hundreds of cute animals seeking adoption.").
  • If the person appears interested, tell him that he can instantly browse through a catalog of selected pets for adoption at our booth. I have prepared 3 sets of adoption catalogs containing brief info on each pet and the corresponding rescuer's phone number. The person can immediately call up the rescuer, or take note on any particular animals of interest and get further info from our website later on.
  • If the person is looking for a specific type of pet that is unavailable, he can fill in our simple enquiry form, leaving his contact info and details of the pet he is seeking, and we will get back to him once we have pets meeting his criteria.
  • Be prepared to repeat the same sentences and sales pitch a thousand times! By the end of the day, you'll be a smooth-talking animal-saving evangelist!
  • If the person has any further questions that you are not sure of how to answer, please refer him to me. If I am not around, you can give me a call directly to answer his enquiry.
  • Feel free to give a helping hand to our neighbouring SPCA booth as well and help them promote their kitties too! (I was just notified that PAWS can't make it for the event)

Let's also brainstorm on any other ideas/activities we can have to promote adoption and!

To the animal lovers out there - please feel free to drop by and check out the event!

Attached is a brochure containing further information of the event.
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