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Default Re: HomeAPet Adoption Drive - Cats & Volunteers Wanted!

Hello Serene, Kim and Kai!

Great to hear from you guys and thank you so much for your generous volunteering!

To Kai: I'll include you for Sunday's afternoon and evening shift, and tentatively for Saturday as well pending your confirmation. Yup, you are free to wear anything to the event (as long as you wear something hehe!)

To Serene: Yours will be a Sunday morning shift as requested!

To Kimmy: Ahh... yours will be 12-hour slave shifts each day right? Hhaah.. ok ok I didn't forget, it's afternoons and nights of each day, unconfirmed for Friday though, right?

Myself: I think I'll be there from start till end for all 3 days! 36 hours, help!

I'm sure it'll be an interesting day for us there, especially the cat lovers that'll get to play with the lovely kitties throughout the day. And not to forget that there are also fun fair carnival, car drift competition, sports etc exciting events throughout the days!

Any rescuers here wishing to showcase their cats?

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