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Originally Posted by xsynie View Post
harapan kena setiasa ada, cuma tinggi atau rendah aje yang tak tentu, tapi kalau kena gayanya apa salahnya, saya takkan boleh bela kesemuanya, kalau jantan nanti ia lawan tokay, kalau betina nanti kes incest pulak!!!
my opinion on your statement is that... you should aware of the consequences of not spaying/ neutering your furkid, jgn excited sgt nak kacukkan/ or breed anak anak bulu dirumah kalau in the future you sendiri acknowledged yg you sendiri tak beberapa pasti nak keep them in your home or not.. keyword here is "commitment"...

i also didn't spay/ neuter my furkids, but i'm aware if someday they become pregnant, the caring of their babies is my responsibility... my opinion only..
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