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Default Trauma Mama Cat

Recently i had adopt a pregnant cat and named her Big Eye (BE) from spca sandakan.
I been informed BE being resque after some one throw her from an apartment. Impact from that incident her head 'senget' or malay called teleng... Pitty of her, till now she still very trauma. i didnt caged her, i let her free in the house and i observe she like to stay in small and dark area such as at the back of the door, in the drawer, behind the boxes. Luckily i wear her bell neck, if not it's queit and effort to find her. Last couple of day i saw her bit relax, she just lay down below the sofa and sometime if she saw me get to close to her she running away to her cage... I try to get her trust by giving wet food once a while, lay down together on the floor, rubbing her head and body, talking to her in front of her cage.... But everytime i try to hold her and put on my lap she running away and give me scratch as well as wounded finger or hand..... I dont know why.... Need some advise... By the way she just be with me for a week... Im not should how month is her pregnancy... Plan to bring her to vet soon... I think she just try to be protactive or else? The spca volunteer told me she brought her to the vet earlier to check her head so far vet said no major injured despite BE eye'teleng' head...need advise....
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