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Default Re: New member!

Zee, the Afghan hound (pictures by Andy in first page of the World Animal Day event) is a very big dog. Very beautiful and furry. Looks like a floor rug, that's what I told Yen.

While we were chatting, she told me that it has already killed THREE cats. hehe....sorry, Yen, looks like I should not have mentioned it.

Anyway, I was so shocked, I mean, it was such a gentle-looking creature. It even let me sit on its back like a pony! So Yen explained that an Afghan Hound is a hunter, so its instinct is to kill.

Don't blame the poor dog, Zee. It's just like our cats. My Blackie goes bonkers if it sees a bird flying through our balcony. We have to catch him before he jumps up and "flies" after the bird. You can see Blackie's a predator going "mati, mati, burung, mati kau di tanganku".
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