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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by Ezer View Post
Nivek... Ya.. I heard about the TNR that penang is doing.. That's brilliant and perhaps more SPCAs will do them as well, at least for the cats first... Good job Nivek... you're always the coolest!

Mrs. Dolittle,

First, I must again, congratulate you on your new position at SPCA and it was really wonderful actually meeting up with you at SPCA.. I was thinking that you're an OLD Mak Cik.. hehe.. but you're actually pretty young and energetic.. hehe.. (*sorry about the old comment*). You joining force at SPCA will only make it that much better..

And you're right on the 'hentam' thingy.... I always wondered why people can't just debate civilly before getting personal? A lot of times, people disagree with us because they have different opinions and backgrounds and perhaps education and learning... But just because they disagree with our points, does not mean they don't like us... So, I guess everyone, please try to just debate the 'issues', and not assume people are attacking you....

I completely agree with you on this Nivek. The most change that can be done is if the public lobby their local council... It's where your 'hard earned' money is spent in the first place. If enough people write in, I think even the thickest heads will take notice...

How do you know? I never mentioned it anywhere here...

Actually SPCA Ampang does the TNR thingy... but its called "MISSION HELP" which was done long time ago and still going...

SPCA Ampang actually helps those people in need of spaying and neutering of their pets or rescued animals.

You can check it out in our web site under "MISSION HELP" and can also make a request via the net.

So people, lets help the creatures in need of our help...

Ezer... people like me cannot afford to get old or sick, may be old in age but not mentally or physically... (even looks.. hahahahah...)

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