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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by Ezer View Post

I am completely in agreement with you on TNR and that that is probably the absolutely best way to humanely let the strays live out their lives... In fact, before I even knew what 'TNR' is all about, I independently thought about this idea and was asking why don't we just neuter all the strays and let them live out their lives?

Later I found out why from Nivek...

Although TNR for dogs is a great solution in many countries, we'll need to recognize the fact that Malaysia may be unique in a political sense. Say, you neutered a dog and released it, would that stop the local councils in shooting the animals or killing them?

That's the tough battle to fight...
Totally agree that a project has to be personalized to each different countries. And don't think that SPCA is not doing anything. I am coming up with a project which is actually inspired by SPCA and am looking forward to get more ppl to help me out soon.. Will announce once I get support from relevant parties.
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