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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Hi Blackie007,

Try not to be angered! This could well be someone 'related' to those unethical breeders and pet shop owners!

I know for sure two pet shops (Super Pets & City Pets) are pron to this type of language, especially City Pet!

Infact, City Pet is well known for selling sick pets to customers and claim that the pet was 'fine' until the customer brought them home. Pet owners around the Kulai area where City Pet is located is afraid of going to that pet shop as City Pet also helps their customers to 'dispose' of their pets by giving them an injection to 'help' the pet from pet fever. Then later tell the customer that the pet died because of pet fever due to the mistreatment of the pet by the owner and nothing to do with the injection which they gave. Even though the pet had been 'vaccinated', please be aware that this 'vaccination' is actually done by the shop owner himself. They also do not tell the customer that the pet has not seen the vet and they also do not show you the vaccination card which comes along with the pet. Other important documents that should accompany the pet is also not availble when you get the pet but months later and sometimes they do not even give it to their customers.

If there are any other similar stories please let me know as well.
Ps: Lots of people have already been cheated by them so please be warned!
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