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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by khengteik View Post
i agree with you there..... however, just letting people know about un-ethical breeders/petshops will not really solve the issue permanently....

from my experience, alot of people still believe/trust in petshops because of they think/believe that petshops should be more knowledgeable then us (we ppl who are trying to educate the general public about animal issues) because it is their trade....

however, emphasis should also be placed in educating the general public about animals, what is the definition of breeds, the problems that will occur when breeders simply breed, etc...

By educating the parents/older generation about these things, i think it will be more effective.... this is because there is a portion of buyers of these animals that are pressured to buy by their children.... and these parents will choose the cutest and cheapest dog/cat to buy.... so if the parents are educated, then they would get a better understanding when buying an animal.
Hi Kheng Teik,

I agree with you to a certain extend! However, by educating the parents is not enough, since the root of the problem which you have mentioned is the children.

Thus a suggestion here and not sure if this is fessible in Malaysia. How about asking SPCA or some vounteer group to go around the various schools to educate the children
on owning pets and showing them pics of abused and mistreated animals so that these children will hopefully realise their 'selfish' actions of buying cute pets on the whimp will cause great harm to the pets if not taken care of properly.

I am open to other suggestions and am looking into this myself. Anyone here who would like to lend a hand or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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