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Default Re: Pet Food quality

Originally Posted by Meffy View Post
Recently, I bought my monthly supply of canned cat food. I normally feed my cat Fussie Cat because that's the only brand she'll eat. I notice the quality of the food is not the same as the previous batch that I have bought.

The food used to be solid and compactly packed into the can where if you shake the can, you can't hear watery sounds. Now however, the food looks watery and soft. It's the same for all the cans I've bought. It looks disgusting and even my cat looks at it suspiciously.

It also made my cat vomit and have diarrhea

Another brand I tried is Avoderm. Is it always soft, soggy and watery?

What other can food should I try? (not Whiskas or Friskies)
Hi Meefy,
I just about to try Fussie Cat until I read this.. So, do u still feeding them fussie cat? How is the texture, chunky or "lembik"??

Im prefer feeding a chunky wet food

Which fussie flavour do you use to feed them? Really want to try chicken flavour? How the texture?
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