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Default Re: Cat is scratching furniture....

Hi, Meffy! There's a really wonderful book that I would recommend to any human living with a cat: Think Like a Cat, by Pam Johnson-Bennett.

In it, the author dedicates a whole chapter to the issue of claws and scratching. She says that cats will leave the furniture alone if they have something better to use as a scratching post, and I've found that to be true. What makes a good scratching post? It must be stable and tall or long enough to give the cat's back a good stretch. If a scratching post wobbles around or falls over, the cat won't use it. If it doesn't allow her to stretch her back and forelegs, she won't use it. Johnson-Bennett says the best thing is a pole or post covered with sisal rope. It's just what cats need to sink their claws into (to slough off the outer layer of claw). I made a sisal rope covered pole and propped it an an angle. My cats make a running leap onto the pole, sharpen their claws like demons, and then fly off it again, probably feeling like miniature tigers. The best news: since that pole went up, they have not sunk a single claw into my furniture. If your cat needs an extra reminder about that, I've heard that citrus-scented sprays will deter her. Evidently cats dislike citrus smells. Good luck!

Originally Posted by Meffy View Post
When I adopted my cat last year, I didn't have any major furniture. There was no sofa and I bought her a scratching post which she happily used. She also scratches the doormat sometimes but that's fine.

I just bought a sofa set 3 months ago and now my cat is using it as a scratching post! She's only uses her old scratching post when I'm looking because I would scold her if she touches the sofa. When I'm out of the room, I can hear her plucking the fabric of my sofa

How do I stop this from happening? I only manage to stop her from doing it when I'm around. Is there anything I can put on the sofa to keep her away?
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