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Default Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]

In the real world, there are various written agreements and it is known under a various number of names to differentiate from 1 to another for convenience sake.

Especially in using third party's monies like purchasing a car, getting a credit card or getting loans from loan sharks all requires a written agreement. In fact everything from being born to death, there is an agreement issued; if only you knew what I meant.

An agreement is made so that the parties involved are held accountable for specific performance and failure to-do-so, any claims for specific damages can only be decided in the court-of-law based on what is written in the agreement.

Likewise, purchasing a pedigree canine especially is no different matter. For without an agreement, it is equivalent to throwing good hard earned monies right out through the window! In my personal opinion, 1 would be much better off adopting a mongrel from animal shelters if 1 decides to do away with an agreement.

If anyone here is sharp, you would know by now where am I heading with this agreement issue.

For again I ask, those who disagree with executing a S&P with regards to pedigree dogs, please state your reasons irregardless whether you are buyer or a seller for I would like to know your thoughts. For those who are agreable, please indicate what would you like to emphasized most in the S&P agreement.