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Default Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]

There is much I wish to write about from Apartments & Pets by Simon, the monkey that killed a baby etc but it is not to be I guess, at least here wherein details are frowned upon.

I guess I will always continue to wonder how can so many Malaysians be able to look but yet not see. Or do they simply choose not to see! If yes, then it is wise to stop asking questions without much forethought, cause it simply does expose one's weakness! LEARNING to listen attentively would be a great start.

Again, I politely ask for my membership here to be removed as I do NOT wish to receive anymore emails from PetFinder.

If there was a self terminate membership button in this forum, would anyone be kind to show me where it is?

By the way, I sincerely do hope someone FEELS that this thread has veered off so much that it has to be removed and I, thank you for that too.

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