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Default Re: My battle with FIP

My late Tan Sri was diagnosed with FIP - it was a tragic evening when the blood test came out not so good for him.

I was terrified - didnt know what to do. His tummy was bloating n his 'buah' as well - The vet gave him something to reduce the bloating.... yet, Tan Sri didnt show any improvement.

We took Tan Sri to another vet - another diagnosed - his stool filled with protozoa.

The vet took care of him - intensive care - didnt hv much positive development - but he had no more flu - finally the vet called that Tan Sri had a bit of jaundice and kidney - another shocking news. That time was the 9 day...

The 10th day... I was at the airport - cant wait to see Tan Sri - The vet called that Tan Sri was no longer with us here - Huh.... I cried until I reached home - the next day, we went to the vet, get Tan Sri to be buried in the most honor way....

Miss you Tan Sri - and in deed..... FIP is not a joke!

I hope Puan Sri is healthy - she had suffered before, but survived.
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