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Default Re: Program Memandulkan Kucing


First of all, good job in helping promote the spaying and neutering of animals and trying to encourage members in doing so and providing a decently priced option.

However, due to the proliferation of abuse cases from non-certified vets, we would have to request that you publish the vet's full information and clinic details here, for the benefit of all to see, instead of only sending private messages to those interested.

Please understand that we are not questioning your genuine intentions of helping the animals, but this is a necessary procedure to help safeguard our community, and most importantly, the welfare of the pets involved.

If you are unable to list that information for any reason, we'd have no choice but to remove this thread as there is a missing piece of crucial information.


Please control your tone. We will not tolerate members that are arrogant, hostile or condescending.

Please do not launch any accusations or assumptions that Hani is in league with non-certified vets, as there is no evidence pointing so.

If there are things that you need clarified, do so in a polite manner, or the misunderstandings will just increase and there would be no end to resolving a conflict.

Any further hostile remarks from you will result in a suspension of your account.