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Default Re: My Aquatic Friends

Originally Posted by adrianng87 View Post
no worries, i got what you mean.

i would say, some running low budget aquarium shops, yes. but for the big aquarium shops, i can tell that they will restock according the breed of fishes they started to sell from the beginning, unless, trend-fishes like flower horn and arowana, of course they will stop or retake a little order when if the trend is already going slow. here in kl, there are a lot of aquarium shops which i find interesting and helpful. i like going to aquarium shops, sometimes when if i get bored, i would just travel around to see if there's any other fantastic aquarium shops, i would just travel with my friend even to sungai buloh or petaling jaya just to check out the shrimps and aquarium accessories.

black moor is easy to find here, there's no depending on season cos goldfish is domestically bred. i used to keep goldfish, but after all my years of experience dealing with fishes, dont sweat if i tell you this k , but i find goldfish is among hardest fish to keep as their immune system is weak and prone to a lot of disease.

anyways, if you happen to visit kl, i will let you know places you can find black moor.
Thanks adrianng will do:3
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