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Default Re: Help me choose

Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
Sorry, love, we cannot help you in this. You gotta sit and spend time with the cats to see which one bonds with you because ultimately it is going to be your cat which will be with you through thick and thin for the rest of your life or the cat's. Better still, take both so they will have a furry companion of their own kind to play with and learn things from.

Alaaaaa, friend, dua ekor aje .... ooooooooonly two .....
Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
I like the orange tabby with the attitude.

But I think it's better to see which of them love you more. You wanted a companion pet, and it's important that the cat you choose likes you and wants to be around you. In other words, let them choose you instead of you choosing them.
agree with both...

but if me..I like the orange one
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