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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by June View Post
Hehehehehehe!! serve her dad told me once some people we must play rough to remind them on their behaviour
True ... but only if there is no vulnerable third party involved, June ... there is a hostage case here ... the cats that you love!

The woman can't touch you (you can very capably wallop them on the heads, I am very sure of that ...) and walloping them with your heart's might does ease your raging heart, I am sure ... but the cats that you love with all your heart - that is why you are fighting for them in the first place isn't it? - are very vulnerable!

They will end up as the victim of your wrath and I am sure you do not wish them to suffer the consequences of your righteous your anger, do you?

That is why I stressed that your head needs to rule your heart ... did your cool-headed hubby race out and tarik you in from the World War III battlefield the way he always does?
"We organized in the past to make Trap-Neuter-Return possible. Today, we organize to make Trap-Neuter-Return the norm and to end the unnecessary killing of cats in animal shelters across the country and provide humane care." - Alley Cat Allies
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