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Default Re: Dog drag on motorcycle

Originally Posted by kmleong View Post
Those who live in Penang Hillside pls keep watch on a motorcycle EX5 number plate PCN 5272. Last week me and my mechanic went up the hill to test drive my car to find out what's wrong with my engine overheating. I came across a motorcycle dragging a dog brown color with a string tied to it's neck. The dog was struggling and resisting while the rider just keeps pulling the dog and the dog was like choking. If anyone can take a picture and report this matter would be helpful.

I tried to report this to SPCA but all they say is "there's nothing we can do, it's going to be very hard" cause I got no pictures? So does that mean if someone gets robbed they can't be charged cause there's no picture? I felt so angry that I wanted to wind down the window and shout at the rider.
Unfortunatetly, Kmleong, most cases of animal abuse don't get prosecuted because there is no proof (such as photos), and many witnesses are unwilling to testify in court. You did a good thing by recording the plate number of the motorbike, but now it's your word against the owner's -- no proof of wrong-doing. It's not the same as a theft, when the culprit might be caught with the stolen goods. A photo is the only way to prove to a court what you saw.

In hindsight, it might have been a good idea to try to speak to the rider of the motorbike. He may not have realised that his dog was in such distress. On the other hand, he may be a cruel person who just doesn't care, but at least speaking with him may get him to think about what he's doing.
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