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Default 1 month old cute kitten for adoption. Comes with food and other equipments

First and foremost, i am very glad to know that there are still people who cares about stray dogs and cats. To me, if i had encounter one, i will surely save it rather than leaving it to die there. Unfortunately, i am a person working on long hours and i can't provide enough care to this little kitten.

This kitten had been abandoned by his/her mother. When i found it, it is quite thin. Now it is already walking around wobbly and has gain some weight. I have been with this cute little kitten for 1 week. Please adopt this little kitten. I wouldn't mind delivering it to your house (selangor area or nearby) as long as i can guarantee a good home for this kitten. This kitten has its very unique attitude. It sometimes is really "manja" and likes to stick around you.

I know that in your eyes, it may just be a normal kitten, but please do not just judge a book by its cover. I really hope that i could find a good shelter for this kitten.

As it is still very young, it would need to be bottle fed for another 2 weeks before it could consume any solid food.

Once again, please, please give this kitten a second chance...

Upon delivering the kitten, i will also hand over some items for the kitten:
- 2 kitten bottle ( to feed the kitten )
- a big packet of milk (for kitten)
- a kitten home
- kitten toys
- kitten's solid food
- tuna food for cats (whiskers)

As you can see as above, i really try to provide as much care as i can to this kitten. UNfortunately, i really cant allocate the time for this kitten.

Please post your email here and i will send you the pictures myself if required thanks

Thank you. Please do contact me on 0162225081
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