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Originally Posted by bytzul View Post
i have 5 kittens that has lost his mummy 2 days ago. they'll only 5 days old. his mummy already went to heaven coz she get bitten by wild dogs. she's been missing about 2 days ago and this morning i found her dead at my neighbor backyard. please help me on how to take care of this poor kittens. How to feed them. how many times a day to feed them. using what item to give them milk. and why this baby kitten alwayz cry. please please help me
sorry for that horrible news..its a bit hard to feed 5 of them. i do had the same experience, i tried to feed them using syringe.i bought the milk from pet shop..(ask the staff the best one).. i fed them every time they cry..and i swab their 'ehem-ehem' using warm wet cotton so that they can urinate easily...i agree with pak lubis..they were not survived. one by one RIP..felt guilty but try to accpt it..zul,try hardly to find their new mama..dpt curik susu ckit jadi la..i ade 2 mama baru bersalin..tu pon kucing jiran tumpang susu jgk.. gud luck
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