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Default Re: Resolution of Dispute - Kyzoor's Cats

Appointment at Hope Clinic: Wangsa Maju on Friday the 23rd July 2010/07/23
Duration of Consultation/Treatment/Mediation 10.40am till 2.20pm
Picture of the pets will be posted later.
Pets : 1 adult and 4 kitten

All Pets are currently under my care and are individually caged, accept Dori and Putih. They will remain with me for at least 1 month. The owner has promise to bring bigger cages for the comfort of the cats.
Blood test were done of all of them and confirmed that all the cats were negative of the killer bravo virus. And are in stable condition.

1. BinBin [the LRT stray cat] I have compared old picture of the cat and it looks extremely familiar with BinBin photo in the thread.
Normal Body Weight. The infection around the ear has heal accept at the back of its neck where due to fungal infection has slowed down the growth of new hair. The vet has put the cat on antiboitik.and fungal medication and is due for another check up in two weeks time. No vaccination is being administered until all fungus infection is cured. I will observe the appetite and the bowel movement.

2. Mukriez the all white with a light brown/yellow color at the back , medium/long hair. And he is about 5 months old. He has a perfect clean bill and was vaccinated with the 4 in 1 vaccine and is due for another booster on the 23rd August.

3. Fifa the medium hair dark color about 41/2 months old kitten. The cat is underweight and the white blood cell is slightly low but not at the danger level and does not indicate any infection. The vet has prescribed antibiotic, vitamins and immune booster which need to be taken twice a day. The loss of appetite could be due to many factors. He is due to visit the vet in a week for another check up and if the white blood count is stable the vet will administer the vaccine. He is currently on Hills ID kibbles.

4. Putih, , white with black patch. He is also underweight and the white blood cell is slight higher. According to the vet this could be due that the body will automatically produce a massive count of white blood cell to prepare its self for an attack of any virus, as the white blood cell is like a soldier in the body. He is put on antibiotic, vitamin and immune booster and feed on Hills ID kibble. He is due for another check up in a week.

5. Dori, white, brown/orange/black, 41/2 months kitten. The vet also found that the white blood cell is slightly higher in this cat and it is also slightly under weight. The blood test has shown that it is not infected by any virus at this point of time. The cat is also put on antibiotic, vitamin/ immune booster and to consume Hill ID kibble. Due for another check up in a week time.

As I mentioned to some of you that my main concerned is the wellbeing of the 5 cats and GOD knows how relief I am, that they are out of any dangerous virus now. I will administer all medication to the cats and will monitor them closely, their appetite, temperature, bowel movement etc. and will certainly update and changes [good or bad] here.
I have learned from the vet what a dreadful/strong and intelligence and fast killer this PRAVO is especially among kitten. It is so smart that it attack the entire important internal organ especially the white blood cell production organ, thus making the cat weak and worst for a kitten as it will attack the brain and normally kitten can just drop dead with 3 to 4 days of invasion without even showing any symptom.

They are all out of danger zone and give me another week or so, all of the will be have a perfect health bill.
I have also come to an agreement with \wan KAyzoor on the following:

a. That the cats remain with me at least until two weeks after they received their vaccination.

b. And that he is to provide them with a cleaner [disaffection] place. And I will personally inspect his house before releasing the cats to him

c. That he is to bear all medical expenses.

d. He is not to adopt anymore cats until all the cats under his custodian receive a clean health bill.

e. And I strongly recommend that no member should bring their cats into his house unless they are vaccinated.

f. The death of his cats could be due to virus as the surviving cat has high white blood count, which indicate that the antibody is fighting against an intrusion. Dr. Catherine cannot give a positive reason as she does not treat the dying cats. But from the details of the cats death she did said that only PRAVO VIRUS could kill cats instantly especially in kittens without showing any systems.

Unless I am satisfied with the above, the cats will remain with me. Even if I have surrendered them back to him, I will closely monitor their well being
My apologies if the above report is not up to expectation as I am not a vet. I have also informed Wan to give Dr. Catherine of Hope Clinic to Andy if he needs to speak to her.

Wan did ask her why about 3 adultsí n 5 kittens that was vaccinated has also died instantly. The 3 in 1 vaccine did cover the pravo virus but did not cover leukemia or HIV. It could be that the cats has leukemia or HIV which is a silent virus which can live in the cat body without showing any symptoms and only awaken when there is another virus attacking and they can be fatal as well.