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Default Re: Can you name them?

Originally Posted by ronaldm View Post

but maybe they do have the said breed blood-line in them. so i am thinking if anybody here could help me confirm whether they do have that look (the said breed) in them. sorry if i am asking too much. I just can't sit well if not knowing if its true or not.
Hi, Ronaldm,

What cute puppies! I hope your mother and younger brother will be happy to enjoy their company while you're in Labuan.

You ask for someone to confirm whether there is any Doberman or Australian Shepherd blood in them. I don't think that's possible. Sure, I can look at a photo and think, Gee that dog looks like it has some of this or that breed in it. But without knowing the dog's parents, it's never more than an educated guess. These two pups are certainly mixed-breed. I don't think it's possible to tell what the mixture is. Maybe there's some Doberman blood in Si Brown, for example. I think the more important question is, does it matter?

Mixed-breed dogs are often much hardier and healthier than their pedigreed counterparts. They are no less loving and intelligent. Did you buy these dogs to compete in dog shows, or to be good companions for your family?

My advice? Give them both lots of love, exercise, good food and health care, and they will give you more love and loyalty than you can put a price on.

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