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Default Re: A No-Kill Animal Shelter

Originally Posted by tiggerroo View Post
I am interested in starting a no-kill animal shelter with a mission of saving mistreated, abused, abandoned, neglected and stray cats and dogs. The ideal would be if these animals could be re-homed, but if they are not, they will be able to live out their natural lives at the shelter.

The shelter will most likely be located in PJ and will house roughly 100-200 pets. This shelter will be a non-profiting organization and will function on the charity and donations made. There will be a few permanent paid staff who will live at the shelter and take care of the animals full time, but there will also be volunteers who come in on a regular basis to socialize with, exercise and give their love to the pets.

I want there to be a shelter for all the unwanted animals that gives the animals a good home and a decent chance at life. My plan for the shelter is about 100-200 individual spaces for each animal measuring roughly 1.5m x 1.5m (at the least) with at least half an acre of fenced land where the dogs can run free and play and have fun!

Funds will be raised through Animal Fun Days held will all proceeds going towards the shelter. A Fun Day will basically just be a day out at a park or at the beach where you bring your dog to meet other dogs and dog owners and you have a picnic lunch where you can buy food at stalls (for you and your dog!) as well as participate in friendly dog-related competitions. Basically just a day of fun for you and your dog!

I have managed to raise enough pledges to get us started. There should be a sufficient amount to buy the required land, and build the shelter. What I am asking is if you think this is a good idea that can be sustained and if there are any people interested with experience in running shelters and kennels who have any feedback. Also if there are people willing to volunteer. It will take some time as the shelter will have to be built and all the legal permits applied for. In the meantime, more fundraising activities can be held to go towards this cause.
I may be far but I can help in anyway I can.. With one condition of mine...No euthanasia and obviously no kill.. then you can count me in..

Buat mana yang termampu ..

I really admire Bubushelter ( small population yet good results..with good reputation of adoption rate).. and also not to mention GRaSS of this Penang Island... Heard one of cats-only in Johor..
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