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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

100% agree too. Had seen too many ppl buying pets from pet shops complaining about how sick & problematic their pets are. There was once this guy from Petsmore came to my shop wanting to buy puppies from me. He got me mix up with another pet shop nearby who is a puppy mill. He actually told he had a lot of his puppies supply from puppy mill in Ipoh & he will take any amount they can supply. The shocking thing I had learned from him is that there are never enough for him.

Most ppl know how many outlets Petsmore had & they will continue to expand as long as the demand for puppies & kittens are there for them. So you see just Petsmore & it outlets alone had encourage the BYB & puppy/kitten mill to increase their production & the ppl who supported them are to be blame. Many pet shops in the market today are merely imitating them, looking at their success. If the ppl continue to support pet shop that sell cats & dogs, they are actually supporting BYB & Kitten/Puppy Mill which is also animal abuse in it way.

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