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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

It is not only Petsmore that sells cats and dogs. Even the individual papa-mama petshops are selling cats and dogs, although, most of them sell cats, not dogs, due to space constraints, I think.

And these papa-mama pet shops have a worse living condition for their cats than Petsmore, again, due to space constraints. There's even one in Damansara Utama that actually stacks one small cage on top of another,like a flat, and they were all crying out to me, stretching out their paws when they saw me. I was near to tears, and would have smashed the owner's face had my hubby not dragged me out of the shop, telling me I can't hit a person without any aggravation.

So, let's stay focused. It's not only Petsmore. Any petshop that sells pets is the one contributing to the strays and making the efforts of the TNR & animal rescue workers seem futile --- they can't catch or rescue as fast as these pets are being thrown out on the street or multiply because these pet shops most probably do not neuter their pets either.
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