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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

I know how you feel. That was how I felt when I saw those kittens in that petshop in Damansara Utama. We can do something to help stop the numbers of puppy and kitten mills.

Originally Posted by June View Post
u know Charlene.talking abt papa-mama petshop,I come across one in Desa Pandan behind KFC.I don't remember the name. I cried when I saw the condition of the cats in the cage The kittens seems very happy when I approached them and calling me with their paws. I think they are calling me to take them out from the hell. The condition of the cage is so bad.Smelly and dirty.At that time, I wish I have all the money in the world so that I can rescue them

I saw this before, too. In fact, most of the pet shops that sell pets tend to mix their sick and healthy pets together due to space constraints.

Once, I saw a kitten with diarrhea all over her legs in a petshop and I told the staff to clean it up. Then, another time, I saw a retriever puppy in another petshop that kept banging his head against the glass because it didn't want to stay inside the cage. The staff were just standing around, not doing anything. I told them to do something, to take the puppy out for it's hurting itself. It quieted the moment they picked it up and held it in their arms.

Originally Posted by Coony View Post
Yes Charlene, it is definitely not Petsmore alone doing it, I'm only giving an example.

We all know how many such pet shops are in the market & we also know there are many here who do support them. Worst of all some even promote them bcoz they are their friends but yet on the other hand portray how anti they are to BYB & kitten/puppy mill, you be surprise how many such hypocrite there are around us.

There is this 1 pet shop in Kota Kemuning own by a breeder (what type I'll leave it to you to classified) he place many kittens & cats in his shop for sales selling at exorbitant price. There was this 1 cat that he once ask for RM25K just bcoz he won Best in Show in a local cat show which I feel there is nothing to hoo hah about. I have seen cat of far higher quality then that but I don't think they will even price somewhere near it. The worst thing that turn me off is the condition of the cats display there with some kittens having flu placing beside a healthier one. And you know what, they actually operate a veterinary service there too, how can a vet not know that you can't place a sick kitty beside a healthy one. They are trying to impress people that they are a 1 stop pet shop offering pets, grooming, boarding, pet food & product together with veterinary service. I will never board any of my cats in a place where you house sick pets, like I always say, will you check into a hospital for a holiday trip.
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