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Default Re: Dalam dilema

Farrah, tanya juga hati what kind of Papa is your hubby and apa role-model baik yg dia tunjukkan kepada mereka, marah-marah, ugut, melaksanakan kekejaman mental dan emotional at a time when Farrah is 7-month heavily pregnant with his own flesh and blood? What loving and responsible man does that to the woman he loves?

Even if you do leave him as you can survive without him (obviously you will be a happier woman), do remember that in this world, there are many wonderful men and will be proud to love you for the wonderful, loving and responsible person that you are. Not all men are bad like him. We all make mistakes as humans, you made a mistake loving him who is a bad apple, you can pick yourself up and move on to a better and brighter future for yourself and your kids with a better man who will be a great dad to your kids and love them as if they are his very own. There a lots of fantastic stepdads. Just be true to yourself and be brave, kay?
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