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Default Re: Go! Natural (cat food) ada siapa pernah cuba?


Your post above has been removed due to the violation of one or more forum guidelines.

It contained one or more inappropriate language such as abbreviations (short form), sms language or colloquial language/dialects, which made it less readable to our multi-racial members, and is against our Forum Rules and Guidelines.

1) Language Use - Proper English & Bahasa Malaysia
In order to allow and encourage the participation of our multi-racial members, you should use proper English or Bahasa Malaysia in your discussions. Informal/colloquial language or dialects should be avoided whenever possible. Do not use abbreviations such as "ne1, gr8, wan2, ckp, tgk, troz, cmtu" and such - there are no character limitations at the forum, so please write in proper grammar and language.

Please write in English if possible. Although focuses on Malaysian pets, there are many foreigners that frequent our forums, and English would be best for us to share the knowledge, and they can better contribute to it as well. Please try your best to help disseminate knowledge in the form of writing that the most number of people can benefit in.

Forum Moderators may edit or remove such posts to improve readability of the thread as necessary.

extracted from Forum Rules and Guidelines
Please help keep our forum easily readable so knowledge can be more effectively shared among members.

Thank you.
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