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Default Re: forum already one year operation, what is the most popular thread

Originally Posted by vivi View Post
i have spread the pubic hair news to my frens and all of them are boycotting roti canai now.
hahahha .
Vivi.. i know your real intention.. you just want to scare off all of Roti Canai's customers so that you can crash the price... then you will gobble them all up,... am I right? huh? Am I right?

I see in your avatar, you're already licking your nose... !!

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
of course be accurate. so, spread your legs, ezer, no need to be bashful.
Ayaa... superman also shy mah..! Where can simply spread legs one!

Also, Superman is the Man of Steele.. so, logically, he's also got balls of steel.. so, women seeing them may faint, you know...

no la, i'm obsessively compulsively clean one.....i wash my hands very frequently......
No amount of hand washing can clean the dirty mind...
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