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Default Re: Littail Mike - Overall Champion of HHP!

Originally Posted by sillylupie View Post
I heard it is difficult to quit smoking ...
Good luck Pakcu! When there's a will, there's a way!
Yeahh Bina, i've failed miserably for so many times before. I hope this time will be different. Pray for me k..
Originally Posted by abzalia View Post
pakcu... yang Adult Fit 32 : 2kg pack/RM 35.00 tuh harga after ke b4 diskaun 30% tuh..??
Lia, harga tu after diskaun 30%, harga kedai 55.90. Kalau Lia nak, cepat2 book... takut tak sempat nanti!
Originally Posted by June View Post
very difficult lor Bina. Since 2001 until now my hubby promise to stop smoking.hangat2 tahi ayam woh!!! 2 days not smoking, the next smoke like a chimney
Yeaahh la June, yg herannya bila bulan Puasa, day time leh lak tak smoke.. humm..
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