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Default Beware of Dr Gowri

I think this happen because the dog was on heat when Bavanie sent Kimi to the vet. If I'm not mistaken, spaying dog/cat on heat has minimal risk.

I heard not so good story abt this vet too but since I don't have any experience with her so I can't say anything much. But enough to make me beware if situation arise where I don't have choice to send my cats to her clinic.

Bavanie, sorry for your loss. You are right. We need vet that true animal lovers. Not some vet that think abt $$$ all the time. This is what Malaysia lack of.

Originally Posted by Sashy View Post
I really feel for your loss. Its such a simple procedure. While every surgery has risks, I always thought that the risk is severe reaction to the anaethetic and the dog doesnt wake up ...
I dont understand the 'enlargement of the fallopian tubes and ovaries' I thought they were supposed to be removed?
I hope whatever it is, you get a good, clear explanation of what happened
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