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Default Re: Petknode Cat Boarding Nightmare

Originally Posted by irenelance View Post
hi everyone..just got time to read ur comments on petknode hotel hell issues..i am in fact one of the affected owners that sent my kids there during raya holiday..

now i'm not saying whos's wrong or right or pointing fingers when the blame should be put squarely on those bastards shoulders (i apologize for the cursing as there's no other word to describe them that i find suitable n believe me its not even close) however i want to share what i've gone thru for the last 4 days..

i never trust boarding service (or anyone else for that matter) to take care of my kids..but i was left with no choice as raya holiday was coming up and its too far to bring the kids along (my kg is in johor) the sole reason y i choose petknode was after i found a thread posted by them n i checked out their website to see if it can be trusted..what made me interested is that they do have sharing rooms for ur kids..being cageless all the time, i believed my kids would be xtra comfy in this room..i checked out other boarding services but they only offer basic cages which would be a problem to my kids as they're sibling and never have been separated..they even share the same i went to the premise n they showed me the sample sharing room and to be honest i was quite satisfied..but they said its just a sample..all cats will be transported to the boarding place but when i said i want to check out the place they said we dont really bring customers to the place like they said in their website "minimal exposure" or someting..i was a bit worried but seeing the office is clean n the owners are quite OK so i booked for 8 days..and FYI i wouldnt say RM23.90 per room per day is CHEAP! those price u see is just for basic small cage ya..many other paid hundreds so their cats are comfy during the stay..besides, everything else is charged for example type of food, vitamins, grooming i brought my own food n toys..if u add up everything i would say it is expensive..

when i sent my kids..there's row of customers waiting to send their cats and it was quite full that time..i wasnt suspecting anything until one of them come from the back of the premise and i heard cats hissing n screaming at each other..i just thot maybe they just stressed out coz lots of smell from other cats..the owner said they're totally full that they have to use the shop as well..

i was supposed to take my kids on monday 5/9 but i received a call from a rescuer asking me to come at once and identify my kids as the owners have gone missing..God knows how i felt..i was in seremban that time n we just rushed to the place praying that our kids are safe..when i reached i can smell the stench half a block away..and the sight was just unbelievable..cats are dying n some already died..the state of them were so bad u wish u could take them all to the booboo was there looking as if he has lost hope but Thank God some recsuers have cleaned him n fed him..only GOD can repay these kind people..i cried and cried still couldnt believe of what i saw b4 my eyes..owners were everywhere looking for their kids..lots of crying n cursing and infos exchanging..i couldnt find my bobo until we were told to go to Sg Pelong police station as they've caught those bastards and now they're returning all the cats that they've stashed God knows where..we rushed and already saw lots of people waiting wif some cats unclaimed..

about an hour later, a van pulled up and u just couldnt believe ur was full of carriers stacked on top of each other..can u imagine how those cats suffered? i bet u cant..and those bastards just stayed inside the van lookin as if they had done nothing wrong..lots of angry owners started banging the van..Thank god my bobo was in there..otherwise i had no idea whats gonna happen to him if he had to starve himself for another day..i cant thank God, rescuers and everyone involved in rescuing enuff for their bravery n kindness..

the next day i did come to the PC and did coupla interviews to show some support and to make sure those bastards will be punished heavily for doing this to our kids..and i will lodge a report soon as i can..

so i hope u guys will check thoroughly b4 sending ur loved ones for boarding and please pray for heartbroken owners that they'll find their missing kids and pray that they're still alive and safe..pls support 100,000 people for Petknode's punishment on facebook, sign the online petition and make a difference..i beg of you
Irenelance, thank you for sharing. I share your pain & I fully feel what you have gone through. Good to hear that you have recover all your cats & they are back in your loving home & care.

These bastards will be judge by God.

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