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Default Re: Petknode Cat Boarding Nightmare

Originally Posted by Coony View Post
Irenelance, thank you for sharing. I share your pain & I fully feel what you have gone through. Good to hear that you have recover all your cats & they are back in your loving home & care.

These bastards will be judge by God.
thanks Coony :) my boys are recovering slowly now..start to eat bit more n play a liltle but not as active just yet..THANK GOD their conditions are not too bad as compared to others.hope they're fuly recover soon.

to all forumers and petlover, u can help KTAJ on rescuing other unclaimed cats by donating some food/litter/litter tray/money if not many..visit their page at facebook and hopefully they have enuff source to care for these unfortunate ones b4 the rightful owners take them..and please spread the words as there's still many owners that havent found their loved ones..thanks
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