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Default Re: Petknode Cat Boarding Nightmare

From what I know that most cat owner in US get someone to visit their house every day to clean & feed their cat when they are on holiday. There were many a time I will tell owner to do exactly that, but I can understand the difficulty in getting that someone you can trust & love cat.

DVS had always been non action on animal cruelty but extremely fast in grabbing lime light. In the first place they shud be the one that shud push for the high fine & punishment for animal cruelty but instead it is the NGO & the public. I hope they are not turning this pet facility grading into revenue for them. Some time back (which is not more than 1 year back) I was told they plan to issue license & pet passport (even if you have no plan to travel) for all cat. For your information the pet passport is already in existence for more than a year at RM12.00 per cat which does not serve any purpose as a passport as so call or any better than your vaccination card. Offcoz they also mention licensing for breeder which they claim will have some form of breeding control which they fail to explain how. I welcome the licensing of breeder provided they truly do have some form of control over the ethic & the good welfare of the breeding cat, not just another form of collecting revenue by not doing anything. Becoz of my frequent travel abroad for show I have to deal with DVS & I can tell you that these ppl are half the time not around. Try calling Dr, Saipul or Dr. Falizah or even the DG (Dato Aziz) of DVS at Putra Jaya head office & see how easily you can get them. I have submitted a report to them with all supporting document to make their job 1 hell of an easy one & yet they cudnít get back to me in more than 3 mths. I hope they will truly work toward the welfare of the animal in this country against animal cruelty after the recent animal cruelty of Petknode pet boarding which the DG can even said this is only the tip of an iceberg. If he can said so that mean they do know but what stopping them from doing anything before this.

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