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Unhappy Re: Neglected Labrador in Jade Hills, Kajang

I have been keeping a look out for the poor Lab. Since I last posted, I noticed that the owners, esp the woman, just doesn't care two hoots about the dog. While the man will take the dog out to pee & wee, that 'exercise' or 'interaction' only lasts 5 to 10 minutes! For the rest of the day, the dog is just left in his pen. Poor doggie. WHAT A MISERABLE SAD, NEGLECTED LIFE! and the dog is so quiet, hardly anyone knows he existed. He's so hungry... The 2 teens, they, never once patted him or come into contact with him. What kind of lousy sickening pet owner. I wish I could buy that dog from them, since they don't have time for him.

To all pet owners, if you are busy with work, travels, kids & etc, please, do NOT have pets. But like in this case, the man used to be at home for the past few years, until this month, Nov, when he's suddenly busy with 'work'? They should sound it out to the Jade Hills community for help to care for the dog. Otherwise, get another loving family to adopt him, or buy it over. I will definitely want to buy it from them, since for some people $ is everything to them. He's a lovely loyal dog & I can give him lots of love & care. I have adopted 6 cats already. And those cats are my pride & joy!

So sad. Don't know what to do for the Lab. Been sneaking out to feed him....
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