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Default Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Ashley,you post got me thinking. I'm amused when everybody start to say not to BYB,stop buying from petshop selling animals etc. Come on,I believe,everyone of us here are guilty for patronising this kind of petshop.Does Petsmore,Pets Wonderland, ring a bell?? (many more petshop,but can't remember the name except for Jimmy's.I know he didn't sell livestock). Buying toys,cage,litter sand etc etc from this kind of shop?? Some buy animals from Certified Breeder. Is there any different?? No difference to me. Still buying instead of adopting.

2nd thing, when we rescuers being judged just because we buy from certain petshop. First of all, have this people ever lift their finger to rescue any animals?? Only feeding? Makes me want to laugh very hard.Is that what they call rescuer?? Do they know our hardship?? Have to deal with the law (DBKL, MMPJ, MPAJ etc), have to tightening our belt,difficulty to find new home for nto so beautiful cats. All they do here is cheering and doing pom pom dance. That's all.

All I ask for this people to do look yourselves in the mirror and examine yourself. I didn't say we are better,or holier than thou but at least we try instead of talking and yakking without doing anything. Pls put yourselves in our shoes before shoot us with all kind of accusations.

Tell me, am I wrong to say this??
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