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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by June View Post
Buying toys,cage,litter sand etc etc from this kind of shop?? Some buy animals from Certified Breeder. Is there any different?? No difference to me. Still buying instead of adopting.
There can be a difference because when you buy from an ethical breeder, you do not contribute to the problem of more unwanted cats in that your kitten will be neutered before you take it home. also, the breeder should be taking excellent care to make sure he never sells unneutered pets to lay people who may take up breeding without adequate thought/research/commitment to ethics.

adopting is well and good but some ppl simply cannot adopt. if you have children, adopting a stray adult dog can be risky. if you have children, then a pedigree is also easier because they just seem more adapted to home life. my first dog was a stray from off the streets. the frist two years of life with her were difficult to say the least. she was never happy indoors and even now, at the grand age of eight, still finds living as a pet tiresome. (My sheeri baby is happiest running free and exploring, but hiking, her fav activity, is not easy with three kids under in tow) many would've chucked her back out on the streets for all the stuff she destroyed. if you budget is tight, adopting a stray can be expensive in the long run becuase of underlying health problems. i adopted my first cat from the spca and he turned out to be FeLV+ and infected with sporo. in the 8 months that i had my darling mel, he cost me over RM1800 to treat!

while this is most certainly not the case for all strays, i certainly understand the attraction is buying a pedigree from ethical breeders.
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