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Default Biggest Cat Show in Malaysia

I show my cats in all CFA shows in Malaysia, also becoz my cats are CFA registered. I do have a couple of TICA registered cats but I choose to refrain from showing them in a local TICA show as I have yet to be convince by this local club vetting in system & handling of their shows.

As most will probably agree with me that the biggest cat show ever held in Malaysia is still a CFA sanction show & they always had the best cats any local had ever seen. Reason for the competitive competition in a CFA show is becoz it is open to all & we have some of the best cats in ID Asia coming to compete for the DW (Division Winner) ranking. Every CFA show in Malaysia will have participants from HK, China, Thailand, occasionally from Indonesia & Brunei too. Many times we do witness an 8 rings CFA show in Malaysia which have become a norm & this is the most number of rings a club can hold for a single show. One of the most successful 8 rings CFA show ever held was in 2007 at Maltrade with more then 22,000 spectators & 200 pedigree cats. This event was also the event that Malaysia was proud to claim that we are the first to host an 8 rings show together with the Best of The Best, first Feline Agility & Junior Showmanship in ID Asia.

Lately CFA have upgrade the number of rings a single club can host to 10 rings, very soon Malaysian will have a chance to witness this & probably be proud to know that Malaysia is the first to host such show in ID Asia shud we host one before the other clubs in Asia does. But our aim is higher then this, we aim to host the first 6 X 6 rings (12 rings) show with 2 clubs combine to host in a single weekend ever held in ID Asia. I believe a show of such capacity will not be missed by many, especially exhibitors from around the world, meaning some of the best cats in the world.

I hope to get some feedback from all about this, as to how many wud like to participate or how many wud pay to witness the biggest cat show of all time or you think Malaysia is not ready for this.

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