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Smile Re: My new little RES need helps....


yeah.. a million of thanks for the existence of youtube.. they help a lot...

yes, my suggestion is you add on another one filter and go for canister filter.. it will safe your time and always will keep your aquarium clean.... you have spend a lot to set up your aquarium.. take some time.. dude...

Hahaha.. yes.. i fed them live fishes.. but it's not Guppies.. My guppies i place them in a little pond/fountain.. yup.. Guppies are like mammal too.. they never lays egg, they give birth on their babies.. huhu.. i fed my RES babies.. the feeding fish.. (being breed for feeding other fishes such as Flower Horn, Arowana, Oscar, etc).. you can buy them for aquarium shop.. RM1 -15 fishes.. i use buy for my tropical fish "Puyu" two week once... chill dude.. its not cruel.. it's a natural food for them.. something to say as food cycle.. Pellets and other vegetables are good for them.. but by nature they eats fishes, shrimps( info from turtle websites).. i think my RES babies hunts them at night..(while they hungry) because when i put the fishes at day time.. they never did anything.. might be because of my appearance..all the time.. you can give a try.. i tried it after i saw youtube videos and information from some websites.. RES turtles are natural hunters.. so.. no worries.. even they are captive breed but the natural characteristics are the still there...

Oh..ok.. Yes, i wish to bring them along when i travel but i scared they might get stressed.. because of environmental changes.. sumore they are still babies.. i use to travel.. at least once a month.. for few days.. so i need some trusted and caring person to care of my RES babies.. do you mean the Petsmart have pet hotel service for turtles too? as i know they have the pet hotel for cat and dogs only... hhmm.. have you sent to them before? ohh..ok... i will check out their FB pages..... thanks for the information dude..

so how was your Chinese New Year preparation going on? do you stay at Pandan Indah?
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