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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Thanks for sharing Lupie. I hope after this some ppl know who is who here & will not make the same mistake like Lupie sending her cat to the wrong ppl for veterinary service. That the problem when a pet shop try to do everything from retailing to veterinary & even worst when they are kitty mill.

Imadi pet shop or vet clinic whichever it is, I remember been there once with 2 friends also in the cat fancy. There were so many type of cats put up for sales living in a smelly environment which we just can't stay any longer but to get out fast to catch our breath & moreover I don't want to risk any virus or bacteria caught onto my body if I gonna stay any longer. I remember seeing a few 2ft cages with kittens in them in which some of them were having clear sign of flu & yet you can see another cage with kittens that are not yet affected laying just beside them. The question is how can this be so when they have a vet there who shud know what will happen if this is so.

Support this type of pet shops will only mean better business for them & more kitty produce for supply. If you are a pet lover I don't see how you can support this type of pet shop without feeling bad about it when there are so many more pet shops in the market with a better heart.

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