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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

I have removed all the 'Personal Attacks' on this thread.

Please stop all such attacks now... If you can't discuss without personal attacks, please refrain from any discussions....

Remember, if you don't agree with someone, it's perfectly fine.. just don't agree on the points raised.. no need to add 'expletives' or 'personal attacks' like 'bodoh, silly, kurang ajar, etc, etc.. '

Let me show you all an example on a proper discussion:

Ezer: I love the moon. It's so beautiful because it's blue and triangular in shape.

Doggy: Ah, Ezer, with all due respect, I don't think the moon is triangular or blue in color.

Ezer: Oh? You don't think so? Perhaps we are looking at it from a different perspective? But I am pretty sure it's triangular..

Doggy: Ah, well, let's agree to disagree.. I am sure the moon is round.

See... even though I am wrong, Doggy was nice to me.. he didn't say things like 'Ezer, you're such an idiot.. never go to school one ah.. the moon is round lah.. dumb ass'...

Now, if Doggy had said that I'll probably reply with, 'You Mo'F' Bitch.. I know the moon is triangular lah... You're upsetting me now.. and I am angry with you.. I am gonna whack your ass'

See how it goes?...
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