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Default Re: "NurKittyLover/Eqin" Case Solved!


Congratulations to you for coordinating this scheme to recover the cats, as well as the others who participated!!

I'm so pleased to hear that all 3 kittens are now safe with you. Yes, I've seen your listings on PF for a long time, and I know you take their welfare seriously.

I will also say this: I know that you do screen potential adopters carefully. I talked with you about the possibility of adopting one of your kittens some time ago, and you asked a LOT of good questions. You are not someone who will hand over your foster cats to the first person who calls! Eqin must have done a good job of convincing you that she would be a suitable adopter.

I know that one thing we've all said we must learn from this incident is to screen potential adopters very carefully, and that's true! But people aren't transparent, and as Nurkasih said in an earlier post, if we make it too difficult, the cats won't get adopted at all. I'm just grateful that Eqin and her husband gracefully returned the cats, and I hope she finds another way to raise money.

Nitha, just think how much more quickly you'll be able to find homes for those kittens, now that you know they are "Bengal" and "Maine Coon"!

And one final note: someone in the last thread suggested that I have issues with pedigreed cats. I love all cats. I have issues with dishonesty and false advertising. These 3 cats need no fake pedigress -- they are gorgeous!!
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