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Default Macam mana nak tahu yang kucing tu pregger and mana tempat boarding yang MURAH?

hye semua....
i ade bela kucing... ginger name die... die ni both inddor and outdoor kitten... she's 5 months old...
tp last week, ade drh dkt die pny tuttt.... i tkt sgt die pregger... actually i nk bg die beranak 1 time then i nk spay.... so i plan nk kawenkn die dgn kucing yg good breed.. tp housemate i tegur i, die kate ginger da makin gemok...n die mkn byk... xkn cpt sgt da ble mengadung? i really need help on this!! ape tande yg die tu pregger... how long will it take for a cat to get pregnant?
i need to know this sbb actually i da book tmpt utk mating ginger ni... i tkt bazir duit je hantar die kt ctu kalo die da pregger... pls help me!!

PLUS, sape yg boleh tlg mane nk crk tmpt utk boarding yg MURAH near JB or Pasir Gudang area? kt Batu Pahat pn xpe... kt uma kg ade adult male cat... last time bwk ginger, my cat serang ginger tu... so xnk bwk die blk lg... BAHAYA!

Please help me....
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