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Default Re: CCTV of cat abusing

I got this online, Adrian.
It is another Sushi, unopened case, if the Department of Veterinary just makin' priorities rather than thorough investigation.

Since 2009, it was reportedly 657 cases of abused animals ( that were left frozen by authorities unless the law changed for these monsters, there will be another monster on the prowl for these innocent creatures.

1. news about the TB
2. more info the girl's face and her phone is shown here. Her friend talk to this admin.

If anyone can catch her, please stomp her (so she knows the pain getting stomped by her OWN SIZE) and sent her to the police. I try to be discreet as much as possible but according to the news/comments about the video, the mother cat was trying to save her kittens. That is too much!!! I'm not prepare to watch the video.
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