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Default Re: California's Spay & Neuter Law

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
but lynie, those are forumers who firmly believe "nature should be left alone", so no matter what the law or research says (if it's implemented), it'll just be barking at the tree.

and it is with this in mind that i wonder how it can be enforced, because i'm sure there are similar people overseas, too. short of going door to door to check (think of the manpower involved! ), i really can't figure out how they can enforce it.
Blackie Bond.. you do bring up a valid point... It's always in the enforcement even after a wonderful law has been passed. However, when it comes to enforcement, it's always 'corruption' and 'laziness' that's the problem... this is not just with enforcing laws on animal cruelty, it's on anything.. even road traffic offences...

Education is always the best place to start and from our schools for young kids.. But again, that will probably take a couple of generation even if we started providing proper education today...
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